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  I can help you with your Hardware and Software issues!
I can also help you zap those Viruses and Malware!
  I Can Come To You!
Rates start as low as $55 an hr.
Just a little about me and my business: I grew up in Silicon Valley since the mid 60’s and saw the crazy computer boom in the 80’s and the even crazier internet boom in the late 90’s. Wow!!!  My Father was an IBM’er and my Mother was an INTEL’er so it was destiny.  I started off as a Carpenter and eventually became a General Contractor doing Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels, but as fate would have it... I pretty much blew out my back to the point I just could not do construction any more.  So being in Silicon Valley I veered towards Computers.  I built my first computer in 1998 working with Windows 95 and then started learning Website Coding also.  Since then I have build or worked on hundreds of computers (who knows? Maybe over a 1000 at this point,)  I moved up to Fort Bragg in 2014 to take care of my Mother which had Cancer 4 times, but unfortunately she passed away two weeks into the Covid-19 Lockdown. After the dust settled from all of that, I landed here in Boulder Creek. I decided to continue my Computer Repair and Website Building here because I love it here.  A little slice of Paradise! 

Websites: I can build your Website, manage your Domain Name and Host it on my Server, so I am a full service Web Developer

Computer Repair:  Software issues can usually be done onsite and Hardware issues usually need to be brought back to my home where I can work on them in a safe environment. I may not be able to fix every problem, but I do pretty darn good!

I look forward to working with you.  Thank You.
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